Dec 05, 2016

The Stats That Will Influence Big Data Jobs in 2017 – A Global Report

Ever increasing velocity and variety of data is posing newer and bigger threats to the deadbeat old knowledge frameworks. Creative Dashboards are the least of the worries of the modern data scientist. Python has replaced Scala, and Hadoop, while still being at the forefront, is no longer the only weapon a data scientist needs in his arsenal. With all this and more, what will the Big Data employment climate be in 2017? Will the doomsayers have their day? Or will Data Scientists keep scaling new heights in global compensation packages, outperforming all other functions? Download to know all this and more in this exhaustive FactsBox!

"For eons, every generation has been defined by its resource miners. Data is the fuel powering today’s digital world. Find out all you need to know about making your six-digit career in Data Science!

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